Now I’m Sure: Sarah Palin is an Idiot


Earlier this week, I offered the notion that Sarah Palin just might be stupid. Please allow me to revise my thesis. Sarah Palin is indeed an idiot. Last night’s debate was like watching one of my kids deliver a speech for a middle school class. Regardless of what question was asked, our hero would launch into a series of pre-programmed mini-scripts, entirely void of detail, insight, or command. It was as if one of my daughters crammed really hard for a speech on Latin American history. I’d feel proud that she could memorize so many words, that she was brave enough to speak before so many people, that she was beginning her introduction to this fascinating thing called the world. Yes, I would be very pleased by this everyday triumph in a young girl’s life. No, I would not want her to be the vice president. It was almost surreal watching the talking heads afterward. They dissected the debate as if we’d all just witnessed legitimate policy discourse. As if we hadn’t just seen this cute-as-a-bug lady babble on with rhetoric shoved into her by aides over past few days. There was no hint that she actually knew what she was talking about, that she could offer any of her own thoughts beyond vague sloganeering. She was just painting by numbers, hoping against hope that she wouldn’t get caught having to think for herself, that the discussion would never stray so far that she didn’t have a memorized index card to employ in response. Vote for her if you will. She seems a nice enough lady. But if something happens to McCain, and Palin’s forced to negotiate America’s case with Wall Street, or to halt the development of nukes by the nutbags in Iran, are you really going to feel comfortable when someone says, “Hey, let’s just send the lady vague mastery of cue cards to handle this!”

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