Gameday Offers Vandy Fans Their One Shining Moment


Look ma, I made a funny! Big news for Commodore fans: ESPN's College Gameday is coming to Nashville for the first time in the show's history. For those unfamiliar with Gameday, think of it as college football's version of the Today Show and adulthood's answer to Saturday morning cartoons rolled into one. The premise is simple: Every week, ESPN's traveling circus sets up shop on campus of the week's most important game. A couple thousand college kids show up at an hour normally reserved for sleeping and scream their heads off between commercial breaks. Then Gameday's resident zany Lee Corso dons the mascot head of the team he thinks will win. Trust us when we say it is never not funny to see a 60-year-old man wearing a furry animal head. Anyway, part of the Gameday tradition involves the home-team's students waving around a bunch of home-made signs in the hopes that they can impress their friends later when they replay the DVR'ed broadcast. Most signs are dedicated to the opposition and the reasons why they do in fact blow. Some kids take aim at the host's themselves (see above). Either way, the level of discourse is roughly equivalent to a truck-stop bathroom stall. Which brings us to our point: Vandy kids should raise the bar. Any state-school slacker can equate a TV host with male genitalia. It takes real wit to try to fit something more subtle, perhaps topical, on to a 24x24 sheet of poster board. How 'bout some commentary on our current fiscal crisis or a jaunty limerick about growing tensions in Pakistan deftly woven into an elaboration on why Auburn sucks? Is that too much to ask from Nashville's best and brightest?

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