287g Helpless Against Undocumented Murderer; Serpas Blames Feds


287g was impotent against this alleged killer On Friday Metro police announced that 19-year-old Edgar Rodriguez is the man who gunned down convenience store owner Vinod Shah on September 19. The arrest comes after a nice piece of police work by Metro detectives, but the murder itself calls into question the efficacy of Sheriff Daron Hall’s 287g program. That’s because Rodriguez was arrested for driving without a license on August 20, 2007. After a 287g check revealed he was here illegally, he was deported back to his native Mexico last October. But Rodriguez snuck back into the U.S.—cops don’t know exactly when—and would eventually kill a Nashville shop-keep. “Despite the Sheriff’s 287(g) work in this case, the federal government still can’t secure our nation’s borders,” says police chief Ronal Serpas. “Unfortunately, the cold blooded murder of a Nashville market owner is intertwined with the federal government’s inability to deal with a broken immigration system and border security.” I agree with the chief. The fact of our nation’s porous southern border led directly to the murder of an innocent Nashvillian and 287g was helpless to stop it. In the meantime many, many, peaceful, law abiding, economy boosting immigrants where forcibly removed from this city, never to return. What was the point of this policy again?

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