Reader: It's Time to Suspend Constitution, Declare Martial Law


According to Reesor, this could solve a lot of things When we last left James Reesor, he was advocating the creation of Amerijericho, a Christian oasis in Tennessee and the surrounding 10 states that would provide sanctuary against the weirdness that is regular America. The new homeland would be something akin to an Amish community, concentrated on the precepts of “servitude” and “humility.” But it seems America's latest death spiral is a bit too alarming for Reesor to wait any longer. He says drastic action must be taken:
The American government is too broke to fix. President Bush should call a special session of Congress to suspend the Constitution and declare Marshall Law! The presidential campaigns should be stopped immediately. All political leaders, including the media, should be prevented from expressing "partisan" viewpoints. All Americans must be given the facts about the potential for further erosion of the economy, reduction in security, energy and food supplies. Amerijericho concepts that I introduced years ago have not been taken seriously and so establishing a sanctuary from chaos will be almost impossible at this late date. Therefore, I recommend the establishment of a "Crisis Management Advisory Council" composed of Obama, Biden, McCain, Palin and dozens of their handpicked associates, rather than electing anyone to replace the current administration. America needs all the help it can get! Coming world events will overcome the existing systems unless the government moves quickly to avoid a calamity! James Reesor


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