How Juvenile Court Clerk Vic Lineweaver Keeps His Job


The Nashville Hispanic Chamber of Commerce held a mixer last night at Coco Loco on Nolensville Road to kick off Hispanic Heritage Month. Vic Lineweaver was there, and his mere presence gave tremendous insight into why the embattled (some say incompetent) juvenile court clerk manages to keep his job. He. Is. Everywhere. By the time he'd arrived, Lineweaver had already visited at least one other community event. At Coco Loco, he worked the room like a pro, bussed a table of dirty dishes (seriously), quaffed a glass of merlot and Sprite (still serious), and jetted off to yet another community gathering. This is a man who isn’t even up for reelection until 2010. “You should try and tail me some time,” he told me. “Bet you can’t keep up.” Maybe not, but Channel 4’s Jeremy Finley could. Last February Finley dropped this gem of a story about Lineweaver. Finley secretly followed Lineweaver around and discovered that the juvenile court clerk was only working at the office about half the time. One day the reporter confronted Lineweaver as he padded to the mailbox in his bathrobe at 2:45 p.m. after he’d just told Finley over the phone that he was “in a meeting.” This was six months after Lineweaver's arrest on contempt of court charges for his office’s inability to find documents critical to pending juvenile cases. Still, the thing most interesting to me about Lineweaver last night was that drink. “Sprite and merlot?" I asked. "Vic, that sounds kinda gross.” “No, it’s good,” he said. “Actually it’s better with Cabernet, but they didn’t have any.”

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