The One Thing We Left Out of the College Survival Guide


Want to be as popular as this guy? Read on. This week’s College Survival Guide covers all the bases on how to get the most out of the Best Four Years Of Your Life. Featuring how to’s on dorm-room decorating, 21st Century rebellion, and bursting the bubble that is university life, there’s almost nothing we didn’t cover. Again, almost nothing. So listen up Nashville college students, cuz here’s what we left out: The fail-proof way to become the most popular kid on campus… In 1984, Congress passed the Minimum Drinking Age Act. It’s the law that required all states to raise their legal drinking age to 21, lest the federal government withhold sweet, sweet appropriations. The backstory behind its creation and implementation is actually fascinating. But who cares about all that? All we know is that it’s done nothing but cause you, the underage drinker, a load of problems. So here’s what you do. Start a grassroots campaign (coeds love that word) pressuring your university president to sign the Amethyst Initiative. Started by a liberal arts college president in, you guessed it, Vermont, the Amethyst Initiative is a high-minded effort to rethink the effects of the law (up for reauthorization in 2009). And so far, none of the four Nashville university presidents have signed on. Yet. That’s where you come in. Booths on the quad. Dorm-to-dorm petition drives. Whatever it takes. If you make yourself the face of the Lower the Drinking Age Movement, we promise you campus popularity of Van Wilder proportions.

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