Gangland Coming to the Hickory Hollow Mall?


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Those of you who've launched websites know they're never exercises in precision. With thousands of little details soliciting your attention, some are bound to be orphaned. So it was yesterday when we, the bright minds at Scene, loaded this week's issue. Included was a Fabricator column about a new Gangland store opening in the Hickory Hollow Mall. The store was described as an indoor paintball field with the aesthetics of East St. Louis. Or a live immersion version of Grand Theft Auto. Or something like that. What we originally neglected to note was that the story was written by The Fabricator, whose name implies that he may not be trustworthy. That brought this unedited note from reader Karil King, who presumed the story was, like, factual and everything:
Just read the article about the new Gangworld going into the old Dillard's store. What are you trying to teach these kids, that it is ok to be in a gang and kill. They have enough out there in the world such as movies and games they don't need an actual place to be in a gang. I am just glad that I do not live in the area with young children. Because I would never let my children be a part of this Gangworld. I just pray for your soles and pray that no one shows up with a real gun to kill anyone. And I know for sure that I will not ever step foot in the Hickory Hallow Mall if this Gangworld is put in there and will make sure that all I see I will tell not to go either. All ya'll are doing is asking for trouble and Lord knows we have enough of it as it is. Karil KIng Hopkinsville, KY
Just for the record, there is no Gangworld going into Hickory Hollow. But if anyone's looking for a franchising concept, this one has Benjamins slathered all over it.


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