Cordenus Eddings or the Chamber: Which One's Worse?


One thing we meant to say last week: How about that Cordenus Eddings? The obscure, reclusive school board candidate nearly upset incumbent Ed Kindall, even though her campaign treasurer served a prison stint for armed robbery, she ignored campaign finance disclosure laws, and largely blew off talking to the media. Then there was day when she actually tried to campaign at a funeral. Ah, those were good times. Incredibly, the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, whose judgment these days is worse than John Edwards', took a look at Eddings and saw greatness. It endorsed Eddings and wrote her a check for $5,000. That infusion of cash nearly helped this nobody pull a monumental upset. Would you want this nobody leading the school district? Of course, the Chamber could care less about Eddings, who ran for Metro Council last year and lost. It just backed her because Kindall opposed the school board’s rezoning plan. This is what happens when you only care about one issue. You end up backing a loony tune and losing credibility. Hopefully, the next time the Chamber folks select a Manchurian candidate, they’ll actually spend a little time with her in the workshop. Or, better yet, maybe they'll just stay out of these races altogether. You’d think that after they backed the pro-Garcia candidates two years ago, they'd understand how little sway they have when it comes to public education.

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