Ronnie Steine's Resolution: Best. Litmus. Test. Ever


OK, so we can disagree on the supposed wisdom of the May Town Center or whether a biz pig lobbyist can fashion himself a Democrat. We can even argue about whether all we (I?) do here at Pith is air petty gripes. Fine. But Eric Crafton’s “English First” measure is unquestionably toxic, mean-spirited and stupid. It’s the 2008 version of a Poll Tax. To criticize it any more is to waste your time and mine. We’re lucky that our new roster of Metro Council members overwhelmingly voted in favor of Ronnie Steine’s well-timed resolution opposing Crafton’s proposal. Meanwhile, our mayor, Karl Dean, who we criticize a bit for never voicing a substantive opinion, gave a smart and moving speech against the anti-immigrant measure as well. But what about the eight council members who voted against Steine and with Crafton—and the two that abstained? Well, ladies and gentlemen, here they are, the 10 worst council members in Nashville: Voting against Steine: Michael Craddock Karen Bennett Jim Gotto Phil Claiborne Buddy Baker Eric Crafton Robert Duvall Duane Dominy Too cowardly to vote: Randy Foster Vivian Wilhoite

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