Mourners Outraged by Politicking at Funeral


Predictably, only a week before the election, things are getting a little testy in the school board race between the incumbent Ed Kindall and the Chamber of Commerce-endorsed candidate, Cordenus Eddings. Kindall supporters say Eddings outraged a grieving family by politicking at a funeral this week. Carnelle Barnes, a friend of Kindall’s, says he was leaving the funeral of his ex-wife’s mother when Eddings appeared on the front steps of Lawrence Avenue Church of Christ and started handing out campaign fliers. “I told her, ‘This is a funeral.’ My daughter screamed at her, ‘This is my grandmother’s funeral!’ I said, ‘Someone give me a camera phone so I can take her picture,’ and she took off running. It was appalling. People were crying. How far will a candidate go to get a vote?” We have asked Eddings to comment on this complaint, but we haven’t heard back yet. She’s been pretty busy. Flush with money from the chamber, her campaign’s sending mail to voters with the headline: “The Ed Kindall Record. Failing Test Scores. Rising Dropout Rates. Fiscal Irresponsibility.” It could have added: “And Pissed Off the Chamber By Voting Against Resegregation.” It’s a great way to pick a school board, isn’t it?

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