Beecher Frasier Is a Stupid Hack


Somehow, I missed this from John Rodgers' much-blogged-about story today: Lincoln Davis' chief of staff and doofus-in-chief, Beecher Frasier, said he doesn't know for sure whether Obama is 'terrorist connected or not,' but he assumes he's not. Well, that's nice. Looks like Frasier is the liberal of the office. Update: The Tennessee GOP is, of course, having a field day with this admittedly staggering story. From flack Bill Hobbs, who notes in a press release that he is "no relation to TDP pary leader Fred Hobbs":
"The Tennessee Democrat Party has a long history of making unfounded accusations calling political rivals racists and smear artists. Perhaps before they fire the "racism" charge at others or claim their own party is unified behind Barack Obama, they might want to explain to the Obama campaign why one of the leaders of the Tennessee DemocratParty is accusing Obama of having terrorist connections, and why a Democrat Tennessee congressman and superdelegate is refusing to endorse the party's presidential nominee."
Update II: Well, yesterday Beecher Frasier was pretty sure that Obama is not connected to terrorism. Today, he's confident of that. Here's his statement: "No one in their right mind, including me, believes Senator Obama has ties to terrorism. It is truly ridiculous for anyone to try to make hay out of these comments."

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