It's Called The Constitution: Read It Sometime


So it turns out the separation of church and state is sort of a big deal, at least according to a federal judge who on Thursday ordered a Wilson County school to stop promoting Christianity. After nearly two years of contentious litigation, the American Civil Liberties Union won a lawsuit filed on behalf of a former kindergartener at Lakeview Elementary School in Mt. Juliet. Apparently the student’s parents weren't too keen on the fact that a group called Praying Parents gathered at the school each morning to worship, and then distributed fliers to classrooms informing students they had prayed for them. “The school became excessively entangled with the group’s religious activities and abandoned the school’s constitutional obligation to maintain strict neutrality toward religion,” Republican-appointed U.S. District Judge Robert Echols stated in his ruling. In addition to allowing Praying Parents to promote Christianity at the school, the administration also displayed the Ten Commandments in hallways and allowed for the distribution of Gideon’s Bibles to students, both a big no-no according to the U.S. Constitution. Maybe these parents should meet every morning for a civics class.

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