Image Consultant, Heal Thyself


It's been an awfully humiliating month for Rep. Marsha Blackburn, who recently settled a probe by the Federal Election Commission after she failed to report nearly a half a million dollars in campaign donations and disbursements. Throughout her first three congressional campaigns, Blackburn received a staggering 33 letters from the FEC scolding her for at least 90 possible mistakes in her campaign reports. Of course, like a true conservative, Blackburn didn't blame herself, instead shifting the accountability to her inexperienced campaign staffers, who just happened to include her daughter and son-in law, Mary Morgan and Paul Ketchel. Of course, the Ketchels weren't as naïve as mommy dearest suggests. Congressional Quarterly reported that the daughter and son-in-law collected over $300,000 in campaign donations for their roles in the congresswoman's campaigns but apparently weren't competent enough to fill out a few forms correctly. This is what today's Republicans really think of the free market: Forget about finding qualified help from a competitive group of candidates; let's just make our friends and cronies filthy rich. Give those Ketchels a few years and they'd probably win an oil drilling contract in Kurdistan. Anyhow, we'd rather not kick Blackburn when she's down. That's not what we do here on Pith. In fact, we're very concerned that the congresswoman's ethical problems will brand her as just another slippery pol and not the bright beacon of honesty and intelligence that we know her to be. Already, her primary opponent Tom Leatherwood is making the FEC fine an issue. And even if she manages to win reelection, this is the type of story that will haunt Blackburn for years to come. How do you run for governor with a rap sheet like hers? So we think Blackburn needs a little help from a professional. Someone who can turn around her blighted reputation. Someone who can reshape her entire persona. Someone who can help reinvent the tarnished incumbent as a brave protector of the people. Now who could that professional be? I wonder. I do wonder.... UPDATE: Politico picks us up.

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