Tale of Treachery


Anybody up for a juicy story of betrayal from the Capitol? A top aide to the governor squares off against lobbyists in a tussle over rich people's money. This story's got it all—alleged blackmail, artful subterfuge, general chicanery and, as the lobbyists themselves often call it, "sport fucking." As an added bonus, here's a contender for our coveted Whopper of the Month award from Waller Lansden's Tom Lee:
That’s preposterous. Words fail. That never happened. I do not have a tape of anybody leaving a voice message with anybody. I have never said to anybody that I have a voice message from anyone, and I certainly would never because I have too much respect for the office of the governor and for this governor and would never use any kind of threat because I know it wouldn’t work. It would be unethical. It would be illegal. That would be about the dumbest thing someone could do. I can’t think of a single good reason why anyone would do it.

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