It's Too Easy Being Green


From the East Nashville listserv:
My wife and I have been sharing a Prius since moving to Nashville, but I'm now on the hunt for a sturdy and (quite) affordable diesel pickup truck which I'll convert to veggie oil. The need is twofold: I need wheels, AND the Sylvan Street community garden project is coming to fruition and we need a truck in the family to move tools, lumber, soil, seedlings, etc. (more info at—site maybe not live yet). SO...your help with this would be good for me, good for the air and good for the the community. Any thoughts? Any leads would be very much appreciated.
Far be it from me to mock someone's commitment to environmentalism, but when people earnestly trumpet their dedication to living a green life as if it were an emblem of virtue, I want to buy a Hummer, move to a Brentwood subdivision and appreciatively listen to Phil Valentine argue against science. Seriously. Can't we just figure out ways to drive less, recycle more and shut up about it? Maybe it's not that conservatives hate the environment—although that's not a bad point—it's that they understandably loathe people who brag about driving hybrids. OK, I'm done now.

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