Without a Trace...and Other Notable News


There's an old saw in journalism. Anytime a lousy country singer gets booted from an even lousier reality show, give that news flash an above-the-fold Page One headline. Unreal. Only if Trace Adkins goes on a three-state shooting spree should I have to read about him on the front page. (Note to Silverman: If you're trying to win over younger readers, up-to-the-minute reporting on The Apprentice is not the way to go. Now if Adkins appears on The Hills, that's another story.) In other news, Stephen Colbert's favorite terrorist threat looms outside of Nashville. Good story today in the Nashville City Paper, which suggests Gov. Phil Bredesen is changing how he views his own superdelegate vote. In February, a haughty Bredesen rejected the notion that he should consider the will of the people before selecting Obama or Clinton. Now he appears to be backtracking just a little. Meanwhile, The Tennessean, already late in reporting on Bredesen's proposal for a superdelegate convention, decided to provide a big-picture overview. All it did was recap the governor's recent rounds on the cable news rubber-chicken circuit, quoting the usual tired cast of talking heads. No mention of the more important development that Bredesen was reevaluating his superdelegate role. Finally, the Scene is saddened to announce the departure of senior writer Jeff Woods, who next Tuesday will take a job as senior advisor to veteran political consultant Bill Fletcher. Ironically, his first duty that day will be to help strategize longtime Fletcher client Bob Clement's rumored run for Davidson County court clerk, the post currently held by Vic Lineweaver. Woods will be missed.

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