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This week's Scene contains its usual blend of bleak, depressing news, stories about irritating loons and no coverage of bands that I like. Which speaks very highly of our music writers. Here are a few highlights: In her story “Death Row Lotto,” Sarah Kelley spent nearly two months interviewing attorneys and judges, listening to state committee hearings on the death penalty and reviewing dozens of old capital cases. What she found is that in Tennessee, the death penalty is no more than a guessing game. There's no logic behind the sentencing and, in fact, one prosecutor even admitted that the decision to pursue the death penalty is often based on nothing more than a “gut feeling.” A man can be present during the death of a drug dealer and wind up on death row while someone else can shoot and kill four people at close range and get life. Even if you support the death penalty, you probably want it carried out with some degree of consistency and order, right? If something horrible happens to a child, chances are it happened at Hermitage Hall. In her latest story on the alleged treatment facility for young male sex offenders, Elizabeth Ulrich chronicles a distraught boy who somehow managed to flee from the place to the Hamilton Avenue overpass over Interstate 65. There, he dangled his legs over the rushing traffic and threatened to jump before a kind trucker positioned his trailer below him, allowing him to climb down. In a more upbeat piece, Jim Ridley writes about how the upcoming Nashville Film Festival offers a little more of everything—more premieres, more celebrity guests and more in-demand films from the international festival circuit. In festival news Ridley somehow omitted, Scene editor Liz Garrigan will be introducing a special, uncut version of The Bucket List. Carrington Fox will make you hungry for the Parco Style Cafe. Here's a taste: “a sushi roll with two skewers of grilled shrimp basted in a rich paste of Japanese mayonnaise, garlic and chili,” a Parco veggie burger featuring a “revival of the flavorful patty made of mashed potato, mushrooms, celery and tofu and served on a lightly grilled Tuscan bread.” This week's Spin covers its usual assortment of cool musical acts including Down, a New Orleans super group that played at the Cannery, Caitlin Rose covering the Misfits in Murfreesboro, and singer-songwriter Parker Gispert “shaking us like the nearly extinct Polaroid picture.”


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