Why We Don't Care About Ron Paul


So some Ron Paul operatives dropped by the Scene the other day to leave some material, which our administrative assistant dutifully passed on to the edit department. But then, they came back—two of them. As Jeff Woods and I were in my office talking about upcoming stories, our colleague Brian appeared in my doorway to say they were waiting to talk with one of us. What ensued went something like this: Me: (rolling eyes) What do they want? Brian: I don’t know. To talk to you. Woods: Tell them I got their shit. Brian: But they want to see you. Me: Brian, look, I’ll talk about coverage with pretty much anyone who shows up, but Ron Paul isn’t a Nashville story. Can you get rid of them? Brian: I can try. Woods: Hell, I’ll go talk to them. Woods does and—I can attest because I was getting my mail and overheard it—was uncharacteristically cordial, friendly, attentive. When after a few minutes he said he was busy with some work and needed to get back to it, they ignored his attempt at a gracious exit and continued their strident advocacy. He said, “Thanks for coming by” or some such, but they wouldn’t take the hint. Finally, he asked them if they were "a bunch of Jehovah's Witnesses or something." In the end, he simply had to turn his back as they continued to peddle a libertarian masquerading as a legitimate GOP candidate—someone who has prolifically published all manner of racist, homophobic material (which he now claims no responsibility for). Here’s the deal. We at the Scene don’t care about Ron Paul. He’s a single-digit wonder who doesn’t care about the environment ("Private property owners have a much better record of taking care of the environment. If you look at the common ownership of the lands in the West, they're much more poorly treated than those that are privately owned. In a free-market system, nobody is permitted to pollute their neighbor's private property— water, air, or land. It is very strict."), has no chance of success and is irrelevant to the Tennessee primary process. But as much we may loathe what he represents, this isn’t a political consideration. It’s a practical one. You never saw us writing about Dennis Kucinich either. Save your tracts and your time and leave us alone, Paulites.

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