Youth Center Takes Another Hit


Last month, we reported on the death of two teens and the abuse of countless others at the Chad Youth Enhancement Center, a treatment facility for troubled youth located just outside of Clarksville. Now the family of one teen who died at the hands of Chad's staff is fighting back. Yesterday, the family of Omega Leach, a 17-year-old from Philadelphia who lived at Chad for a mere month before he died of strangulation when two male counselors put him a physical restraint, sued the city of Philadelphia. As described here, the lawsuit claims that Philadelphia's child welfare agency acted in “shocking disregard” by sending Leach to the facility for treatment in May—even after a Chad employee called the city in 2005 to report that staff were too rough with residents. The family also named Chad and the company that owns it, Universal Health Services, in the suit. The suit described conditions at Chad, a facility that is still licensed by Tennessee's Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities, as “manifestly unsafe and dangerous.” But Chad is certainly not the only state-licensed facility to come under fire recently for abuse. Read the Scene report about a similar facility in our own backyard.

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