Fred Vs. Mitt


Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney are mixing it up on the campaign finance reform issue in a really silly squabble. Limiting the influence of big money in politics was a centerpiece of Thompson's '94 Senate race back when he was running in Tennessee and didn't have to worry that much about appealing to right-wingers. But Republicans hate McCain-Feingold because it curbs the influence of pro-life, pro-gun and other single-issue groups. So now Romney is roughing up Thompson on the issue. And Thompson is hitting back today in Iowa, saying Romney was a bigger reformer than he was. Which is true because Thompson was never for spending limits and public financing of campaigns like Romney was. It tells you something about the Republican Party when it's a good thing if you want to give special interests more power in politics. An interesting side issue: In Iowa, Thompson, who is polling far behind Romney, was asked why Romney is bothering to criticize him. "They have plenty of money to run all kinds of special polls and do special research," Thompson replied. "I think they know what's going on here."

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