The Rack: Inside This Week's Scene



Down With J.C.: In the movie Saved!, a satire of evangelical teens at a Christian high school, there's a scene that brilliantly captures just how lame most efforts are to spin Christianity as hip and relevant for kids. "Let's get our Christ on!" chirps Pastor Skip, an enthusiastic cheerleader for God played by Martin Donovan, somersaulting onstage during a pep rally for the Big Guy Upstairs. "Let's kick it Jesus-style!"

Movies: Basement Tapes: It was the early '60s in Greenwich Village, and the bars were closing down in the wee morning hours. When that happened, Murray Lerner recalls, you went back to somebody's apartment and kept the party rolling.

Art: Lost and Found: Great loss and tragedy turn some people to substance abuse, others to violence or suicide. The horrors James Makuac witnessed during the nearly 14 years he endured as one of the Lost Boys of Sudan turned him into an artist, and he vividly remembers how it happened.

Sports: Oblong Ball: Fred Taylor, the legendary basketball coach at Ohio State, used to have a favorite term of disaffection for America's autumnal gridiron sport. He called it "oblong ball."

Suburban Turmoil: Into the Wild: While most of you were sleeping off a turkey overdose last Friday at 4 a.m., I was answering my front door.

Dining: Counter Offer: Amid all the breathless hyperbole about the debut of Whole Foods Market in Green Hills—the panting at the pastry case, the elation at the hot bar, the rapture at the cranberry bog—no one's bothered to make much mention of the restaurant in the back of the store, by the meat department.

Plus: Our Critics' Picks, The Fabricator, Helter Shelter and more.

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