Junior Sees Into Future


In a Newsweek interview, Harold Ford Jr. discusses the future of the Democratic Party and his own political plans. His comments on the latter are a little disingenuous. He says he's "read some of the speculation" that he might run for governor, as if he's had nothing to do with creating any of that speculation. In fact last month, he sent an emissary to report his interest in running to Democratic pols. Here's an excerpt from Ford's interview:

Q: Looking forward, what are your political plans? Some say you're interested in the Tennessee statehouse.

Ford: I've read some of the speculation in the last few weeks. I'm a big believer that my governor, who has now been in office less than a year in his second term ... we should give him a chance to govern out the remainder of his term. If there is anything voters are sick of, more than anything, it's people running for office two, three, four years out, particularly when there are big obstacles, challenges, opportunities on the table that need to be addressed. So there is no race in my immediate future. What happens three years from now is hard to say. As you know, now I'm teaching at Vanderbilt University, I'm vice chairman at Merrill Lynch, I'm chairman for the DLC, and I have a relationship with the Fox News channel and the Fox business channel, where I make some political and business commentary.

Q: But you do hope to get back into politics, right?

Ford: Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if I ran again a few years down the road. [Chuckles] But I'm enjoying what I'm doing. I don't wake up every morning with chills or longing or regretting. Naturally, I wanted to win, but that's behind me now.

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