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3 comments doesn't cost a thing and it's kind of sweet. If somebody knows Martina McBride, please send it on. This was in my inbox this morning:

My name Is Ann Richmond. I live in North Bay, Ontario Canada. In April of 2006, my then 16-year-old daughter Jennifer was diagnosed with Ewing Scarcoma Cancer. We went through a year of hell and suffering. I lost my job and my apartment and Jenny went through terrible radiation and chemo treatments. We were told that at the end of March of this year she was in remission. I took her down for a checkup July 8 only to find that her cancer was back and there were three more tumors. I am so scared. She has to start chemo and radiation all over again on Monday. I am writing to you in the hopes that Martina McBride will see this article. Her song "In My Daughter's Eyes" is the only thing that gets me through a day and I just wanted to thank her with all my heart and soul. We are leaving again tomorrow for Ottawa, Ontario and we are blessed to be able to live at Ronald McDonald House right next to the CHEO Hospital. Martina, I don't know if my daughter is going to make it this time but thanks so much for making that song. I think of my baby every time I hear it! God Bless You! Liz, please print this article so maybe, just maybe Martina will see it!

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