American Beauty



Miss USA and Tennessee's own Rachel Smith had a little trouble (OK, a lot of trouble) in the T-and-A fest that is the Miss Universe pageant, which was held Monday in Mexico City. In the parade of national costumes at the contest's opener, the Belmont grad hit the stage in full-on Elvis gear. And was booed. Horribly.

It only got worse. In the evening gown portion, she tripped and, in a bizarre flash of sequins and stilettos, smacked her ass on the stage. Still, she she soldiered on, picked herself up and slapped on that painful beauty-queen grin at lightning speed. Heck, she even made the top five and moved on to the final interview—where she was met with even more heckling from the crowd. Reports attribute the audience hostility to U.S. unfriendliness to illegal immigrants.

The whole charade definitely was a train wreck. But the drama did make all that painful pageant pomp much more bearable.


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