Monday's Hot Type


A grim anniversary passes: four years since the unsolved disappearance of Tabitha Tuders.

Sexy Rex: GOP operatives in town digging dirt on Thompson; the Chamber of Commerce board boots a City Paper reporter and endorses that controversial AT&T cable bill—in secret.

It's tuba vs. bugle as the War of Northern Aggression replays in Murfreesboro.

Women bloggers face rape threats and worse from online aggressors.

Nyah! Where's your Messiah now that Murfreesboro's proposed Bible Park has a Doubting Thomas—with a website ready to smite?

Meet someone who thinks Hillary Clinton is electable as president! Oh, wait, it's his job.

A fuming customer wages war on Cingular over a blown speaker. (Hat tip: The Consumerist.)

H.G. Hill's stock hits $115—in 1928.

Perhaps this isn't the article you'd expect from the headline "Hispanic Impact."

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