Deadly Silence



This short film by Nashville filmmakers Dixie Gamble and Molly Secours documents mounting evidence suggesting Philip Workman did not fire the fatal bullet that landed him on Tennessee's death row. Since Workman was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of a Memphis police officer in 1981, the prosecution's star witness has recanted his claim that he witnessed the shooting, admitting he wasn't even at the scene. Ballistics evidence also has shown that the fatal bullet almost certainly could not have come from Workman's gun, suggesting the victim was mistakenly shot by a fellow officer, and that police framed Workman to cover up what really happened.

The movie, "Deadly Silence," was posted on YouTube last week in an effort to save Workman, who is scheduled to be executed May 9, less than one week after a moratorium on the death penalty is set to expire in Tennessee. While Workman's lawyers are pushing for the courts to intervene based on the evidence, the Tennessee Coalition to Abolish State Killing and other anti-death penalty groups are urging supporters to contact Gov. Bredesen and ask that he extend the moratorium, or at least postpone Workman's execution.


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