Nashvillizing Namrata



If you missed seeing Namrata Singh Gujral at the world premiere of Americanizing Shelley, the film that closed the 38th annual Nashville Film Festival last night, you've still got a chance. Gujral, who wrote and produced as well as stars in the romantic comedy, is making a whirlwind of promotional appearances today: she'll be at the Carmike Thoroughbred 20 in CoolSprings to greet people before the 2:15 show this afternoon.

Maybe you recognize the petite knockout from the cover of last week's Scene. (The wait staff at Sunset Grill did: they asked her to sign their copies—not unlike the autograph hounds who surround her character in the movie.) An India-born, Florida-educated actress whose work includes the TV series The Agency and Passions and a role in the Bollywood Reservoir Dogs remake Kaante, Gujral said she was delighted with the response to her film last night.

"Everyone here is so nice," Gujral said, en route to her next local TV appearance. "Maybe I've been in L.A. too long." Watch for her duet "Dancin' in the Clouds" with Steve Azar on CMT—a Bollywood-Nashville mash-up that's something of a first for the channel.

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