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Hand it to Clement: he's raising a lot of dough for the mayor's race, however much of it a byproduct of the tired conventional wisdom that he's the guy to beat. His mouthpiece has alerted the media that his financial disclosure filing tomorrow will show more than $600,000 arm-twisted—I mean, raised—to date. With opponents Buck Dozier at $319,000 and Karl Dean at $156,000 (in Dean's case, over less than a month's time), it'll be interesting in particular to see what candidate David Briley, who's also been in the race only a relative nanosecond, has been able to muster so far. The only other major candidate, Vice Mayor Howard Gentry, showed a pitiful hand during last summer's financial disclosure period with less than $50,000 raised.

Still, given the huge disparity between how long Clement/Gentry/Dozier have been in the race and the fledgling candidacies of Dean/Briley, what they show during this reporting period isn't as important as it might seem. For 99 percent of Nashvillians, this race has yet to begin.
From Clement's camp:

Bob Clement is receiving overwhelming support in his campaign for Mayor. The Clement Campaign has great momentum and has raised more than $630,000 so far in this Mayor's campaign. Clement will file his disclosure on Wednesday morning. The report will show that Clement raised $300,949.59 this reporting period and has $475,881.00 cash on hand.

"I am encouraged and humbled to receive such broad support from the people of Nashville," Bob Clement said. "Nashville is a great and growing city but we can do better. My vision is to have an open and accessible Mayor's administration and to make our neighborhoods safer, and improve response times for police, fire and ambulance responders. I will also work every day to make our local schools better. Together, we will make Nashville an even better place for our children and grandchildren."

UPDATE: Briley reports $126,000 raised, including a $20,000 loan from himself:

"With over 700 people contributing to our campaign, we are confident that we are building a base of support that reaches across Nashville from Inglewood to Antioch," said Briley. "This campaign is a marathon, and with the extensive fundraising base and quality finance committee we've established we are in a position to run and win this race."

UPDATE II: From the Gentry camp: "The Howard Gentry For Mayor Campaign raised $101,543.45 during the July 1, 2006-Jan. 15, 2007 reporting period, according to the disclosure the campaign will file Wednesday with the Davidson County Election Commission. That brings the total raised so far to $155,593.45."

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