Sucker Editorial(s) of the Week


We gave the paper a bye on their John Kerry editorial and subsequent mea culpa a few weeks ago, but yesterday's Tennessean editorial entitled, "High bar for charters" represented perhaps the least informed and naive writing we've seen on that page in a while. Defending the notion that three recent charter school applications were summarily rejected in a process rife with imperfections and possible illegalities, the piece said, "Metro schools should be commended for their insistence on innovation that does not sacrifice excellence." Perhaps the Tennessean editorial board doesn't understand which kids get to attend charters: the ones who now go to quantitatively failing schools. For those kids, there's no excellence in sight. Meanwhile, there's a well documented bias against reform efforts within Metro schools.

Meanwhile, Clint—and I say this lovingly—you and Dr. Frist should really get a room.

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