With Halloween upon us Hollywood has disappointed with the choice of horror movies. As laughably bad as the American output of the scary stuff has been in recent years, we may as well relent and revel in the worst the genre has to offer. Let's make a list! I'll start with Kyuketsuki Gokemidoro (Goku, Blood Sucker from Hell!). This 1968 film is likely best known for the opening scene, a passenger jet streaking through a blood red sky that Tarantino borrowed for The Bride's flight into Tokyo in Kill Bill. The jet flies through some mysterious turbulence and crashes into territory covered with Styrofoam rocks. The survivors, as was the popular modus in that era's scary flicks, immediately turned on one another in a fit of paranoia. A radical terrorist has an unexploded bomb. The lone Caucasian woman, a Vietnam war widow who can understand Japanese but not speak it, screams out manic war protest homilies which are immediately followed by war footage and mushroom clouds, just in case we don't get it. The all-white clad, renegade yakuza foot soldier, blamed for the plane crash, escapes into the wilderness and runs into the real cause of the crash . . . A FLYING SAUCER.

As all aliens want, the craft's pilot plants itself in the mobster's body and creates the deadly VAGINA HEADED MONSTER!


The alien is of course able to leap from body to body. Hijinks ensue.


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