Speak Now, Think Later


On the off chance that anyone is still using "thoughtful" and "Bob Corker" in the same sentence, consider this on same-sex marriage in the wake of the New Jersey ruling a few days ago:

"We cannot escape the reality that the shared societal meaning of marriage -- passed down through the common law into our statutory law -- has always been the union of a man and a woman. To alter that meaning would render a profound change in the public consciousness of a social institution of ancient origin. When such change is not compelled by a constitutional imperative, it must come about through civil dialogue and reasoned discourse, and the considered judgment of the people in whom we place ultimate trust in our republican form of government....A court must discern not only the limits of its authority, but also when to exercise forebearance, recognizing that the legitimacy of its decisions rest on reason, not power. We will not short-circuit the democratic process from running its course."
Bob Corker's opinion? Um, no, it's from the NJ ruling itself, which Corker mindlessly describes as "yet one more example of activist, liberal judges creating bad law from the bench." Just what we need -- another senator who speaks before he thinks (or reads).

Harold Ford Jr. also denounced the NJ ruling -- no big surprise given his shameless pandering to conservatives on the same-sex marriage issue. Unlike Corker, Ford limited his comments to his personal opposition to marriage equality, having the good sense not to invoke the "judicial activism" canard to describe a ruling that, if anything, was a model of judicial restraint. Nonetheless, he, too, seemed all too willing to comment critically on an important judicial development without bothering to take the time to understand it.

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