Blowing the Vandy Bubble


If you're ever feeling too hopeful for the world, too sure of man's innate goodness and ability to reason, if the future just looks a little too bright, you should try reading the opinion section of The Vanderblit Hustler. It will bring you down a notch. Take, for example, this week's column by Stephanie Fleischman, a Vanderbilt student who likens homelessness to a night of heavy drinking.

They are so prevalent in our lives, we might as well call them hangovers—except the difference is they don't belong to or at our school. Like hangovers, they are both unwelcome and a disruption to our studies. And rather than going to places like Panera and Starbucks and finding the cure for this problem, like we do for hangovers, we go to these places and find the problem itself: the homeless.
To be fair, a sidebar contains her explanation: she used the hangover analogy as a way to "relate to the students." Maybe that's my problem. Maybe I haven't been able to support the War in Iraq because Anderson Cooper has yet to relate it to things I understand: two-for-one drink specials or an episode of The Gilmore Girls.

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