Draft Day Madness


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Draft Day Madness Nearly everyone expressed shock at the Texans…choice of Mario Williams over Reggie Bush, everyone but the Saints…front office. I'm of the opinion that they knew all along how things were going to play out in the draft. They traded for a solid, proven QB and would have an opportunity to get one of the best RB's to come out of college in years. The Texans had to shore up a porous defense, and they needed someone who could put pressure on Peyton Manning.

The Titans also made the best pick with Young. Leinart may be "ready to play…in the NFL (though the back alleys of the NFL are littered with QB's like Leinart, a fact few seem to recall in the rush to proclaim him greatest ever). How many QB's can do all the things Young can do? Do you want flatfooted Leinart, or god forbid Cutler behind the weak offensive line the Titans have? If Young progresses well, he stands to be one of the all-time greats. Rather than likening him to Michael Vick or Randall Cunningham, I think of him more like Roger Staubach; a tough, team leader with the ability to make something out of nothing. Of course Roger the Dodger didn't have Young's athletic ability, more so the better. Even better still, the Titans got underrated USC back LenDale White with the 45th pick. With all the talk about how he let himself go during the offseason (he tore a hamstring, actually) he has something to prove. I would NOT want to be a defensive back having to tackle his 245 lbs coming my way. THIS was the steal of the draft.

Now all the Titans need is somebody for Young to throw to.

Leinart fell so far only because he didn't fit anyone else's needs. He'll do fine with the Cardinals, who have surrounded their QB spot with talent, much like Leinart was surrounded with talent at USC. Leinart was way overrated by people who got stars in their eyes from the kinds of numbers Leinart put up in college. There are a lot of Division 1 QBs who could have put up those kinds of numbers with the kind of talent USC had. Cutler, whom so many …inexplicably …were begging the Titans to draft, got picked way too high at #11.

Randy, Vince Young will be traded before he'll play a wideout. Drew Bennett he is not.

ARGH! Late for the concert!


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