Get a Grip, Van


The Tennessean today picks up an AP story (based on a Van Hilleary senate campaign news release last Sunday) about Hilleary's criticism of GOP senate opponent Bob Corker for supposedly supporting and raising money for the Tennessee Black Caucus's 2004 legislative retreat. From the Hilleary news release:

Republican voters deserve to know how much money Bob Corker raised for the liberal Caucus and why in the world he would raise money for a group of Democrat legislators who are completely at odds with the conservative agenda that Republican legislators are trying to enact.

Corker, as mayor of Chattanooga, encouraged the caucus's retreat and training conference to convene in his city and urged some local corporate financial support for the meeting. Earth to Van: This is what mayors are elected and paid to do. Does Hilleary believe that a mayor should apply a litmus test of political ideology to a city's cultivation of investment and tourism opportunities?

Hilleary feels understandably compelled to take pot shots at the better financed Corker whenever possible, but attacks that shed more light on your own dimness than your opponent's foibles are not the stuff of winning campaigns. As campaign assaults go, this one is lame, revealing yet again Hilleary's own shallowness and desperation.


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