Out of Control


Will a RovLib indictment come down? Are Democrats making Fitzmas celebration plans? Will the White House eventually be held Plameless? Wherever one stands on these weighty questions, it's hard to read this story published yesterday by the National Journal and not come away with the conclusion that our democracy is fundamentally broken. An executive branch that sees fit to obstruct a Congressional investigation into an intelligence failure that led to a rush to war and the deaths of tens of thousands of people is beyond appalling. The arrogance of power on display here is breathtaking.

UPDATE: Fitzgerald has scheduled a news conference at 1 pm CT. The NY Times reports that details will be posted on the Special Counsel's web site at 11 am CT. Could get some traffic.

UPDATE: Libby indicted on one count of obstruction of justice, two counts of perjury, and two counts of making false statements.

UPDATE: The Smoking Gun has the indictment document. As, of course, does the prosecutor (pdf).

UPDATE: Statement by Libby's lawyer here (pdf). "To say we are disappointed is an understatement."

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