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A pair of interesting movie lists. (I can't help it: as reductive as list-making is, I'm just a sucker for these things.) First is the reliably lame Premiere's not-so-lame list of the 25 most shocking moments in movies. Yeah, yeah: Psycho, The Exorcist, blah blah blah. But Once Upon a Time in the West is an inspired left-field choice. When I saw it last year at the Belcourt (and there's been talk of bringing it back), the moment in question made my blood run cold. And don't even read about this one, maybe the sharpest and most obscure choice in the batch. Just watch it without knowing a single thing about it, stay with it when nothing seems to be happening—then seek therapy.

The other is Scott Tobias' cool list of the decade's most underrated movies in the Onion AV Club. Underrated/overrated is usually a parlor game for snobs, but Scott's piece isn't the usual dick-measuring exercise. He's not out to settle old critical scores, just to bring to light some unfairly maligned movies (and some that went on to become cult sensations after their initially cool reception). And in many cases the list following each year's selection is even more tantalizing than the entry, if only because it's tough to find anyone who underrates the likes of Office Space anymore.

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