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Some guy compiled a list of one-star reviews about books that made Time's list of 100 greatest novels published on or after 1923.

Here are some of my favorites:

A Clockwork Orange: In the first 20 pages, Alex and his lackies beat a guy senseless and rob him; they steal a car and trash it, they get into a vicious gang fight; they attack a couple at their home, destroy the husband's life work (his book, A Clockwork Orange), beat him and his wife senseless, and rape the wife. This really ticked me off.

The Grapes of Wrath: While the story did have a great moral to go along with it, it was about dirt! Dirt and migrating. Dirt and migrating and more dirt.

Lord of the Flies: I am obsessed with Survivor, so I thought it would be fun. WRONG!!! It is incredibly boring and disgusting. I was very much disturbed when I found young children killing each other. I think that anyone with a conscience would agree with me.

The Sound and the Fury: This book is like an ungrateful girlfriend. You do your best to understand her and get nothing back in return.


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