Babies & Sin City


Well, Terri and Mitch are dead, but somewhere in America, a mother throws her leg over her car's steering wheel, groans once, and the cycle of life continues.

article here.

Also, the fact that the police got the mother's license plate mixed up and pulled her over at gunpoint makes Nashville's inability to catch a purse snatcher a little less embarrassing.

In other news, because I am a high profile, powerful media mogul, I scoured free passes to the sneak preview of Sin City on Tuesday. Here is my unbiased, non-comic-book-fan opinion: IT WAS AWESOME! And bloody. And awesome! And for the first time ever, I saw a reason for Elijah Wood's existence. The verdict is still out on Brittany Murphy. I haven't read the comic books, don't care to ever read the comic books, but I definitely enjoyed the movie. The script, story and acting lived up to the pretty visuals. Jim Ridley will fill you in more at some point, with a more educated opinion and references to similar films I haven't seen, but until then, I will leave you with this: IT WAS TOTALLY SWEET, MAN.

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