Golden Nugget: Bud Light's Goofy Live-in-Nashville TV Spot From 2000



The year 2000. Remember it? Things were different. The marble-mouthed, floppy-haired influence of '90s culture was still hanging around like a stale fart, but we were finally getting to the point where the Internet didn't fully confuse and befuddle us. So, let's hop in our time machine and travel back to Nashville at the turn of the century, when Music City's own Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies starred in a commercial — which originally aired live — for Bud Light.

The Richard Zempel-directed TV spot — which comes to us via SPIN and can be viewed above — appears to have been shot partially outside of The Rutledge (which would have been Blue Sky Court at the time). I personally don't recognize the stage upon which Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies are jammin' on their jams, but Scene editor-in-chief Jim Ridley says it looks like the old 328 Performance Hall to him. (For comparison's sake, have a look at this footage from Fugazi's 1993 show at 328.) Fun facts: The spot originally aired during Friends; Wheelies frontman Mike Farris is still very much active; the butt-scoping dude at 0:10 makes me think of the Schmitt's Gay commercial.

And while you're at it, head after the jump to see Bud Light's even more cringe-inducing "Grunge" commercial. "I just know how it's gonna taste — psssss." Gross.


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