Paco Tapes' Best Buds [Fresh Tracks]



Paco Tapes is a local DIY label run by emo/grunge outfit rachel. Yesterday they released PCO-006, a three-way vinyl split called Best Buds, which features Pope (from New Orleans), NOUNS (from Little Rock, Ark., and of course rachel.

Best Buds has three memorable singles from three uniquely different bands. Pope’s “Animal” is a poppy grunge song with deadpan vocals and a slight New Wave bounce. “Mac Harris” by NOUNS chaotically swings between hardcore and emo, all amid a flurry of emotions. And finally there’s “Placebo Love,” the first official single from rachel. “Placebo Love” is sparse and pensive, so much so that it almost teeters on noise. And lead singer Robbie Plackemeier’s pulsating vocals are at times so affected that they’re nearly indistinguishable from his screeching guitar.

Three-hundred copies were pressed for the first run of Best Buds. The vinyl doesn’t ship out until July, but the split is now available for pre-order and free digital download via Paco Tapes' Bandcamp page. Stream all three tracks below.

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