Jota Ese's Super Dank III [Fresh Vid + Fresh Tracks]



Yes, yesterday was Easter and Record Store Day hangover day. But more importantly — at least, as far as local instrumental hip-hoppist Jota Ese is concerned — it was the international stoner holiday of 4/20. And thus, Ese unleashed the third installment in his Super Dank series (Part 1, Part 2), a blaze-friendly trifecta of chilled-out grooves. As Jota is wont to do, he also cut together a video to accompany Super Dank III (with help from Terry Larkin). It features some arctic footage of Jacques Cousteau, and you can watch that above.

You can stream the release below, or download it for free over at Day Old Records' Bandcamp page. I hear you scratching your head and asking, "Wait, is that a sample from Love Story to lead off the album?" Why yes, you're correct! You'll find loads of that sort of cultural deep cut amid Jota's work, visually and sonically. Lo-fi Easter eggs for the blunted. Enjoy!


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