Slideshow: Mac DeMarco w/Juan Wauters and JP5 at Exit/In, 4/16/14



Last night, floppy-haired, floppy-hat-wearing, Kinks-cribbing Canadian rock 'n' roller Mac DeMarco brought his glimmering, lo-fi pop gems to a sold-out Exit/In, where he was backed by a band of floppy-haired floppy-hat-wearers. Fine local power-pop outfit JP5 opened, followed by sometime Beets member Juan Wauters — the latter is sort of a playful, acoustic-strumming Jonathan Richman for the garage-rock set.

While The Spin wasn't necessarily shocked to see that DeMarco's appearance was a sell-out, it did make us ponder some things. Does the success of his brand-new Salad Days come as a result of his Pitchfork-beloved status? Is DeMarco's popularity due to the disconnect between the songs (tuneful, pleasant, dreamy, glam-tinged pop songs) and the man (a goofy, eccentric, current Brooklynite in normcore threads who seems, as a dude, more punk rock than pop)? Whatever the appeal, last night's audience ate it up —  local rock 'n' rollers and bro-lookin' fist-pumpers alike. And to their credit, DeMarco and band played tight, album-quality renditions of catchy songs from both Salad Days and 2.

Scene shutterbug Michael W. Bunch was in attendance, and he snapped some shots for us. Head after the jump to see a few more pics, or click through to the whole slideshow right here.

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