Puck Rock: What Does Nashville Predator Matt Cullen Listen To?




Bad news, hockey fans: The Nashville Predators have officially been eliminated from this year’s NHL playoffs, so this is the last installment of this season’s "Puck Rock" series. Sad face! This Saturday, the Preds play their last game against the Blackhawks (I HATE YOU, KANE), and I don’t want to jinx anything, but the Preds have won three out of four games against the Hawks this season. So hopefully they’ll get to listen to their locker room victory song, Uncle Kracker’s “Drift Away,” one last time.

Unlike his teammates Roman Josi, Pekka Rinne and Nick Spaling, Matt Cullen did not tell me about his guilty musical pleasures. What do you think he’s hiding?! The others admitted to liking Miley Cyrus, so maybe Cullen’s musical secrets are even more embarrassing? Maybe … Hannah Montana? Or perhaps Cullen is embarrassed by a deep love of classical music — it might be hard to get a locker room full of Miley fans to understand why Mozart is where it’s at. (Apologies if you love both Bangerz and Requiem Mass in D Minor.)

Regardless, one band Cullen would cop to listening to is Pearl Jam. As a former Seattleite, I loved seeing a Northwest band get a little love. NW represent! Grunge is alive! Coffee! Microsoft! Rain! Woo!

Who are some of your favorite bands and/or musicians and what’s so great about them?

I like the Lumineers quite a bit right now.

Do you listen to music to help get amped for a game? If so, what is it?

I like a lot of everything. I’m not a huge fan of the techno, which a big deal in this locker room, but as you get further along in the league you just adapt to what everyone is listening to.

What’s the last concert you went to, and was it good?

I saw Pearl Jam, and I’m a big fan of them. I like their concerts the best.

Is there a team’s goal song that drives you crazy?

"Chelsea Dagger" can be frustrating to hear against the Blackhawks.

Is there a victory song that you always listen to after you win?

Uncle Kracker — “Drift Away”

I’m having a dance party and you’re invited — which song would the DJ have to play in order to get you out on the dance floor?

That would be a tough call. I like country, so that might get me dancing.

Is there a band or musician from your hometown that you really like that maybe folks here in Nashville haven’t heard of?

I think GB Leighton is starting to get climb a little bit up here. I’ve known those guys and been a fan for quite a while.

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