Battle Tapes, Bully, Infinity Cat, United Record Pressing Featured in Guardian Travel Piece



So, have you ever wanted to see what Scene music editor and the Cream’s fearless leader D. Patrick Rodgers looks like? What about his cubicle at work? Always wanted to check it out? You may know his writing voice, but what about his speaking voice? Morgan Freeman ain’t got shit on DPR, it turns out, as you’ll see in this clip courtesy of The Guardian. Part of British media giant’s not-just-country Web travel piece on Nashville, The Guardian caught up with Rodgers, United Record Pressing’s Jay Millar, Infinity Cat Records’ Bob Orrall, Battle Tapes’ Jeremy Ferguson — who is shown producing a Bully session — slummed it at Springwater, took in a Blank Range show at The End and packaged it into this nifty, Nashty puff piece. Check it out!


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