Starlito and Don Trip's 'Shut Up'; L'Orange's The Orchid Days Trailer [Fresh Vids]



Starlito and Don Trip, “Shut Up”

Starlito and Don Trip have graced us with a new video for “Shut Up,” one of the most memorable tracks from last year’s Step Brothers 2 collaboration. The video features 'Lito and Trip driving around Nashville, hanging out with different groups of people in various parts of town, and even features a cameo from Nashville MC Tha City Paper. It ends as the pair pull into the parking lot of Klub Ciroc, hours before their Fourth of July show. Check out the visuals above and revisit Step Brothers 2 here.

L’Orange, The Orchid Days Trailer

L’Orange has dropped a new trailer for his upcoming album The Orchid Days. The beautifully shot video is dark and cryptic and features poetry performed by Erik Todd Dellums, along with the following message: "A man fell in love. Then, the world was destroyed by an ever-growing nothing in the sky." The Orchid Days features Blu, Homeboy Sandman, Billy Woods and Jeremiah Jae, among others, and is slated to drop April 8. See the trailer after the jump.


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