Puck Rock: What Does Nashville Predator Roman Josi Listen To?



In a series we're calling "Puck Rock," Scene/Cream contributor and hockey wonk Megan Seling will ask various members of the Nashville Predators to talk about their musical tastes (the good, the bad and the ugly). Watch for more installments in the coming weeks, and find out who used to give Pekka Rinne guitar lessons!

Roman Josi is always on the ice — only Preds Captain Shea Weber has a higher time-on-ice average — so it’s not surprising to hear that No. 59 gets amped for games by listening to house music, aka the sonic equivalent of downing a dozen bottles of 5-Hour Energy. But did you know that Josi also harbors a secret love for Miley Cyrus? It’s true! A lot of hockey players have a thing for Ms. Miley, it turns out — “We Can’t Stop” is the victory tune in the Maple Leafs’ locker room.

Now, if I were to make a mixtape for Josi (something I do in my head for a lot of hockey players ... is that normal?), I’d probably open with Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now,” since the dude, well, never stops. I’d also throw in The Beatles’ “With a Little Help From My Friends” (did you see the three assists he got in the recent Blackhawks game?) and Nicki Minaj’s “Roman’s Revenge” (though I’d edit out the predictably misogynistic and homophobic Eminem verses because c’mon, Em, that shit is lazy). It'd be a good mix! Hit me up if you want a copy, Josi.

Here’s what else the defensemen had to say about his music listening habits:

Who are some of your favorite bands and/or musicians, and what’s so great about them?

I like house music. I really like Avicii. He has some good songs that I like to relax to, and that are good if you go out to clubs.

Do you listen to music to help get amped for a game? If so, what is it?

Definitely house music.

What’s the last concert you went to, and was it good?

I saw Jay Z, and it was really good.

I’m having a dance party and you’re invited — which song would the DJ have to play in order to get you out on the dance floor?

It takes a lot for me to get on the dance floor and dance, but I like to dance to house music.

Do you have any musical guilty pleasures? Something that you totally love but can only listen to when no one else is around?

I like some of Miley Cyrus’ songs. She has some good songs.

Is there a band or musician from your hometown that you really like that maybe folks here in Nashville haven’t heard of?

There are a couple like Patent Ochsner and Gölä. Gölä was actually here for a week recording some songs. He’s from my hometown.

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