The Week in Fresh Tracks [Majestico, Richie, Evan P. Donohue, Stone Jack Jones, Faux Ferocious, Meadownoise, Repeat Repeat, Good Rester]



You may not believe just how much superlative fresh-track action we have this week, but I'm going to try to tell you anyhow. We've recently shared with you new tunes from ThirdEye G and Caveman as well as Mountainwalker, not to mention Band of Horses' Ryman-recorded live album, Natural Child's latest tune and the new jam that Those Darlins played for us here in Scene HQ. But if you follow me below, you'll find a gaggle of new sounds from some local artists that — and I'm being completely genuine here — are among the best in town. Not that I've been lying when I said that past weeks in fresh tracks were good. But this is the good shit, ya dig? Hear the latest from Majestico, Richie, Evan P. Donohue, Stone Jack Jones, Faux Ferocious, Repeat Repeat and Good Rester. As always, see past weeks in fresh tracks here, and if you've got something for us, email cream[at]nashvillescene[dot]com.

Majestico, When Kingdom Come

We mentioned last month that local psychedelic warrior Majestico recently joined ATO Records' roster and will release his When Kingdom Come on March 4. Well, lucky for us, frontman Graham Fitzpenn and his crew of face-painted daytrippers are previewing the whole damn thing now via Soundcloud. Stream that above or via Soundcloud — if you're comfortable with everything on the bluesy psych-o-meter, from The Dave Clark Five and The Animals all the way on over to The Doors, you're gonna dig on this.

Ri¢hie, Night Game preview

Well, perhaps the most highly anticipated local party-rock record of the moment is Ri¢hie's Night Game. As it turns out, frontman Richie Kirkpatrick and band plan to release NG on Feb. 25, and you can pre-order the record via Ri¢hie's Bandcamp page. You can also preview four of the album's tracks right now: the blown-out, lovestruck party rager "I Gotta Crush on You"; the more nuanced "I Wanna Party With My Friends"; the seemingly ambivalent "No No Yeah"; and the insta-classic dance-rock number "Wild Forces." Dig in above or via Bandcamp.

Evan P. Donohue, "Jazzputin (Mark 2)" and "Wolf"

Well this is rad. Local rock 'n' roll songster Evan P. Donohue recently got together with his pal Josh Stuebe at Fonogenic Studios to track a couple of songs to "two-inch magnetic tape using Stuebe’s Ampex MM1000," which apparently "used to live in Columbia’s Nashville studio, where it had the honor of cutting the sounds of Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash" and more. Donohue got together to record the tunes “Wolf" (written by Aaron Maine of the band Porches) and “Jazzputin,” the latter of which Donohue originally released with fellow local Natalie Prass. Anyhow, the update is rad, as is "Wolf." Stream above or via Stuebe's Soundcloud.

Stone Jack Jones, "Red Red Rose" and "Joy"

We've already shared with you mysterious folk songster Stone Jack Jones' "State I'm In" (and its accompanying video) from the forthcoming Ancestor (out March 4). But Jones just debuted two more tunes from Ancestor, and you can hear them now: the sparse, creeping "Red Red Rose" and the significantly more lighthearted "Joy" (the latter of which premiered at Rolling Stone). Hear both above.

Faux Ferocious, Faux Ferocious EP

Groovy local punk-edged rock 'n' rollers Faux Ferocious have a brand-new, self-titled, four-song EP, and you can stream or purchase all four tunes at their Bandcamp page. Rad, smoke-zone, fuzzed-out grooves — if you catch my drift — and highly recommended. Buy it for $2.

Meadownoise, "The Actor" (Tower Defense cover)

Local experimentalist Matt Glassmeyer (aka Meadownoise) covered fellow locals Tower Defense's tune "The Actor," and you can (and should) stream that above. Meadownoise's interpretation is vastly different from the original (an urgent, double-bass indie-rock blast) and adds some really interesting dimensions. Very cool. Stream above, or buy it for any price you like via Meadownoise's Bandcamp.

Repeat Repeat, "Chemical Reaction"

Locals Repeat Repeat describe their sound as "spooky surf pop," and their latest offering is a single by the name of "Chemical Reaction," which I'd describe as a marital-love sex-rock track. The band will release an album on March 11, but if you want to sink into some four-on-the-floor groovin', do that above or via Repeat Repeat's Soundcloud page.

Good Rester and Diamond Age, "Persona 22"

Local sideman, experimentalist and soundscape specialist Brian Siskind has started a microlabel by the name of Beat Hollow Records. "Our first new (not existing catalog) release is a Good Rester and Diamond Age collaboration called 'Persona 22,'" writes Siskind. "It will be out on 12-inch in March ... leaking the track now so we get rich, life changing exposure et al ... etc." Here's to life-changing exposure! And some really enjoyable, zoned-out ambient action. Stream above or via Soundcloud.

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