MTV Casting Call Seeks 'Kids of Nashville'



Human consciousness is both a burden and a gift; it enables us to love, to create and to nurture the lives of others around us. But it also brings the knowledge of mortality, the fact that you and everyone you know will, without exception, die. Our time is limited. How one chooses to use that time should be carefully considered. Here is one option:

MTV is extending a select invitation to the Nashville elites who want to star in an unparalleled television project "The Kids Of Nashville."

Yes, the network that brought us reality TV notables like Amanda Lorber, Jamie Gleicher and assorted Finnish stuntmen is inviting you, the Nashville elite, to join those immortal ranks. Are there any other qualifications?

To be considered for a starring role in "The Kids of Nashville" you need to show us that you are instantly adored, super hot, and a superstar with lots of drama going on in your life

I see. Anything else?

You must appear to be between the ages of 18-24.

Whether you are between the ages of 18-24 or just appear to be the ages of 18-24, please remember two things: 1. Your choices matter. 2. You’re going to die.

(HT to music band Penicillin Baby.)

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