Sugar Sk*-*lls' 'Tethers' [Fresh Vid + Fresh Track]



Hey, this one is pretty rad! The quirkily stylized moniker Sugar Sk*-*lls belongs Ben Marcantel, a local musician and frequent sideman with a penchant for electronic experimentation — I've described the Sk*-*lls tunes as "blipping, glitchy and entrancingly textured" in the past.

Well, Marcantel has a new, characteristically blipping and textured tune by the name of "Tethers" (hear it below), and it's available to download via Sugar Sk*-*lls' Bandcamp page. It features vocals by Lindsay Johns (Nudity) as well as percussion and production by Meadownoise's Matt Glassmeyer. There's also a Jeffrey Stanfill-directed video to go along with "Tethers," and you can watch that above. It's got a spaceship and a little droid pod and a laser-pistol duel and the acting talents of several people, some of whom are/were local. Dig in.


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