Mastodon's Brent Hinds Hawks His '68 Gibson SG in Nashville, Riffs Included



If you've been out and about recently, you're probably aware that Atlanta heavyweight champs Mastodon are in town, hard at work on their next record with Nick Raskulinecz, whose credits run the gamut from Superdrag, Foo Fighters and Rush to Queens of the Stone Age and Epic Ditch.

As sessions have progressed, presumably in a multitude of "real weird, real math-y, real straightforward" directions (as drummer Brann Dailor told Rolling Stone), one piece of gear that's apparently become extraneous is a gorgeous vintage 1968 Gibson SG with a Lyre Vibrola tailpiece, belonging to frontman Brent Hinds. The guitar is currently for sale at Carter Vintage Guitars (on Eighth Avenue between Division Street and Cannery Row), which posted the above video of Hinds demonstrating the guitar's various features and explaining why you should hop in line to be the next owner (HT to Rwake/Laser Flames on the Great Big News guitarist John Judkins). No word on the truth behind his claims that said guitar will instantly enable the purchaser to play "similar to me; not as good as I, but just a little bit better than me," but at the very least, his sales pitch will improve your Thursday afternoon. Hinds calls the six-string (not that different from ones AC/DC's Angus Young has been pictured with from time to time) "real affordable for a very expensive guitar," but you can call or email the shop for more information.


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